Myths about psychologists

The popularity of everything connected with psychology, is huge and there are a large number of “popular” literature in psychology. However, is it correct our understanding about this profession?

Thus any phenomenon that acquires such a scale, often loses its depth. Having read the popular books like “the Psychoanalysis of comics,” many, for example, new students sifaka are very surprised that it’s more complicated and that psychology is actually a science and not as simple as it seems.
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16 interesting facts about drugs

We present to your attention 16 interesting facts about drugs many people some of them famous, others not quite.

  • Ketchup was sold in 1830 as a medicine.
  • The “freeze” for wounds invented Gladiator Galen of Pergamum. To ease the pain from working with a sword and inflicted minor injuries he mixed olive oil, beeswax and rose petals. The mixture when applied to the skin quickly evaporated, giving a feeling of coolness. Galen called it “Ceratum Hominum” (Ceratum Humidum), that is wet with wax.
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An interesting fact about the medications, Mercury.

In the nineteenth century the American physician Robert Patrick (Robert Patrick) recommended that their patients mercury as a cure from virtually any disease, including syphilis. Today it is widely known fact that mercury is a poison, poisoning which lead to the occurrence of pain in the chest, lung problems and cardiac muscle, severe muscle spasms, cough, hallucinations, disorder of consciousness. In Russia and in medieval Europe also practiced the treatment with corrosive sublimate (chloride of mercury).

Interesting fact about the treatment, Beer.

Today it is customary to wash down drugs with water. The vast majority of drugs in hospitals XVIII–XIX solely to wash down the beer. In Russia, beer, for example, were given to recovering patients in hospitals of St. Petersburg until the mid-nineteenth century as a disinfectant, restorative and tonic.
The staff of the German Institute of beer (German Beer Institute) scientifically proved that 1000 ml of fresh unfiltered beer is 10 times more useful than 1000 ml of milk.

The fact you are taking Warfarin cinnamon Cassia

Warfarin doses of Warfarin cinnamon Cassia is invalid. If you are taking Warfarin (Warfarin) the blood liquefies. Cassia cinnamon contains a substance coumarin (2H-1-benzopyrane-2 or 2H-chrome-2on), also blood thinners. The co-administration of Warfarin and cinnamon Cassia with coumarin can cause severe liver damage.
If it is impossible to give up coffee, you should consider this fact and go for high quality grade Ceylon cinnamon, in which coumarin is missing.

Medication Ritalin with chocolate

Eating chocolate with the drugs Ritalin, Meridel, Centerin (Methylphenidate) is invalid. Chocolate in addition to caffeine, contains the stimulant theobromine. The intake of theobromine with Ritalin can provoke spasms. If it is impossible to give up chocolate, you should choose to consider this fact and use milk or white varieties containing a lesser number of stimulant.

Antibiotics with dairy products

Joint reception of dairy products and antibiotics can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the product. Dairy products contain iron and calcium, and some antibiotics (e.g. Ciprofloxacin, Ciprofloxacin) are joined in the stomach, these substances that leads to poor absorption of the antibiotics and a sharp decrease in effectiveness of the drug.
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The medication Dextromethorphan with lime

Medication for cough Dextromethorphan (Dextromethorphan) with lime and pomelo are highly undesirable. Pomelo and lime block the production of enzyme processing, Dextromethorphan, whereby a drug accumulates in the blood, which may put the patient before the fact unwanted side effects.
When combined with citrus Dekstrometorfanom can appear drowsiness and hallucinations, with statins – damaged muscle.
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About drugs the organ

Listing interesting facts about drugs, one cannot ignore the organ.
The organ is an extraordinary medicine made from biofaktory and biomolecules of tissues and organs of healthy animals, of their embryos. Modern homeopathy and Biomedicine allows the use of different types of potentiated preparations of xenogenic (inhuman) tissues and organs.
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An interesting fact about Miramistine

No less interesting is the history of creation and the beginning of the application of the Soviet / Russian medicine Miramistin with a broad spectrum of antimicrobial action, including hospital strains resistant (resistant) to antibiotics. Development Miramistina began in the USSR in 1973 under the program “Space biotechnology“. Before scientists had the task to develop a universal antiseptic that can be applied in the conditions of orbital stations.
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