Lack of sleep leads to impotence

Lack of sleep is a scourge of modern society. Rare modern man can boast of healthy sleep. Lack of sleep – a common phenomenon in our life. Doctors have long warned about the negative consequences of this attitude to the regime of the day. Deterioration of potency, which can be treated kamagra, lethargy and apathy, irritability, reduced immunity are some of the consequences of lack of sleep. Continue reading “Lack of sleep leads to impotence”

Hygiene contribute to male infertility

With levitra, scientists have conducted a series of experiments and found that almost every third chemical substance used in everyday life and is considered non-toxic, negatively affects the sperm. Such substances, according to experts, are contained in toothpaste, soap, plastic children’s toys, and more. Continue reading “Hygiene contribute to male infertility”