The widespread use of conventional antibacterial soap during pregnancy and breastfeeding can change the microflora of the baby intestine, as shown by a new study.

The results of the study was to predstaveni yesterday at the 98th annual meeting of the national Endocrine society in Boston. The intestinal flora contains both beneficial and harmful bacteria and microorganisms, its variation is associated with various diseases, including diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer, intestinal spasms, multiple sclerosis, and asthma.

Triclocarban is often an integral component of antibacterial Soaps. Many women used antibacterial agents in personal care during pregnancy and breastfeeding to wear to protect herself and child from exposure to diverse pathogens, explains the study’s lead author, Rebekah Kennedy from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

She adds that the study adds new evidence to the literature suggesting that certain health effects are associated with frequent and not always necessary use of antibacterial hygiene products. The data obtained will enable pregnant and breastfeeding women to make informed decisions regarding the use of antimicrobial agents.

In a previous study, Kennedy and her colleagues found that triclocarban is transmitted among rats newborn with mother’s milk, that are relevant to humans. In the new study, the researchers studied the effects of triclocarban at an early stage of life children on the intestinal microflora.

It was found that the impact triclocarban leads to a decrease in the average number of bacterial units in the community as mothers and in offspring. Moreover, it was found that young rats on 16th day milk feeding females exposed to triclocarban had the intestinal microflora is strikingly different from the microflora in the control group.

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in every woman’s life, but at this time it is a huge responsibly not only for themselves but also for the future baby, for his health and future. It is therefore very important that each woman received full and truthful information about what is useful and what is harmful.

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