Before sex have a drink on the brotherhood

As found by Australian scientists to cialis if before intimacy man “for courage” drinks, in bed, he is getting much better. The main thing — not to overdo with alcohol.

Deserved to feel the sex giants can only representatives of the stronger sex, receiving on the chest to 4 servings of alcohol not more than five days in a row (according to the current Australian standards one portion 44 ml of spirits, 150 ml of dry wine or 350 ml of beer). While men clearly need to feel the allowed measure, in order to be able to stop in time. The consumption of five doses and above threatens the lovers of alcohol, on the contrary, sexual helplessness.

The scientists also found that problems with erectile dysfunction occur not only among fans of “specifically lay the collar”, but those who are firmly “on the wagon”. Full-drinkers complain of your sexual impotence to 30% more (according to the survey of 1580 men). And if the alcohol in this case turned out to be men in bed useful that any positive effect from Smoking Australian researchers have not found. On the contrary, they declared that nicotine gradually kills the potency.

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