The state Council of China introduced a new program to control the circulation of vaccines in China market, the aim of which is to increase the safety of drugs used in immunization. This writes The Pharma Letter.

Under the new program, the government of China intends to provide financial support to companies developing and implementing new multivalent vaccines. The Council of state ruled that used in China vaccines for routine and emergency immunization, and included in the national vaccination calendar should be produced locally.

Immunization program of China consists of 14 vaccines, including the inactivated polio vaccine. These vaccines belong to the category I, they are produced by local producers and are paid by the state. Category II includes the drugs made in foreign corporations. In the new programme stipulates that in the national immunization schedule will include some inexpensive vaccines, classified as II.

In March 2016, Chinese media reported that the police of China arrested more than 130 suspects in the illegal trade of expired vaccine worth nearly $ 90 million. In 2011 vaccines against meningitis and rabies illegally sold in 20 provinces in China.

After the scandal, the PRC authorities embarked on a national inspection programme of immunization, which have been verified by the scheme of procurement and distribution of vaccines, as well as record of immunization. According to the results of the inspection, it was decided to toughen control over observance of GMP standards and product quality.

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