A British pharmaceutical company SEEK has created a vaccine that protects the person from all infections, which are carriers of mosquitoes, including malaria and virus zika and Dengue.

The company has already achieved positive results during testing of the vaccine on animals, and now, with the help of the Department of health — National institutes of health is preparing to conduct the first clinical trials on humans, according to Quartz.

A feature of the new vaccine is that it stimulates an immune response not specific to the threat, and the saliva of the mosquito. As a result, as soon as the mosquito begins to secrete saliva during a bite (she’s responsible for the analgesic effect and incoagulability blood), the immune system responds to all incoming along with it substances like allergen, and destroys them.

In addition, according to the creators of AGS-IV (so-called new drug), vaccine not only protects people from infection, but to reduce the population of mosquitoes — an insect that bit the man entered before a vaccine, or dies at a young age, or becomes incapable of reproduction. Thus, man becomes a kind of biological weapon against the vectors of disease.

Mosquitoes annually infect more than 700 million people of different infections, many of which are fatal. According to who, only from malaria in 2016 killed about 400,000 people. However, the admissibility of the destruction of some species of mosquitoes remains controversial — opponents of this method argue that the artificial elimination of any kind of living beings violate the ecological balance and can lead to unpredictable consequences.

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