European pharmaceutical company will reveal information on payments to health care professionals and health care organizations

European pharmaceutical companies will disclose payments to medical workers and organizations zdravoohraneniem present, the pharmaceutical industry seeks to become more transparent to a wider audience in collaboration with the professional medical community. With this purpose, the European Federation of pharmaceutical manufacturers and associations (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations — EFPIA) has developed a Code of disclosure for the purpose of disclosure of information on payments and transfer of the property to doctors and healthcare institutions. 20 Jun 2017 EFPIA issued a press release in which it stated that within the next 10 days the pharmaceutical company will reveal the details of cooperation with healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations throughout Europe. Thus, the public will be information on the payments and provided the benefits that were received by the professionals and healthcare organizations from pharmaceutical companies in 2016 In particular, it relates to providing research and educational grants to health care organizations, and payments to individuals for participation in scientific events, provision of advice and participation in Advisory boards, as well as sponsorship of educational events.

EFPIA Director General Nathalie moll (Nathalie Moll) said: “Search, design and delivery of new medicines to patients is a difficult task. This often requires cooperation and dialogue with patients, medical professionals and healthcare organizations. The transparency of these relations is important for building relations based on mutual understanding and trust. That is why EFPIA and its members are committed to disclose information on payments to health care professionals and health care organizations.”

Ensuring greater transparency in these already well regulated and important relationships is to strengthen the basis for cooperation in the future. The interaction between industry, medical professionals and health organizations is extremely important for further work on the development of new medicines that provide additional treatment options for patients in Europe and the development of the health care industry as a whole.

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