Hygiene contribute to male infertility

With levitra, scientists have conducted a series of experiments and found that almost every third chemical substance used in everyday life and is considered non-toxic, negatively affects the sperm. Such substances, according to experts, are contained in toothpaste, soap, plastic children’s toys, and more.

The connection between the chemicals and potency have been detected by researchers from the international group, which included experts from the University of Copenhagen and research centre in Bonn. As experts concluded, the substances contained in large quantities of hygiene items and household negatively affect sperm motility. Under the influence of these chemicals, the sperm begin to get rid of important proteins required for penetration into the egg.

Researchers believe that harmful for potency chemicals can enter the human body through the mouth and through the skin. For example, a malicious component doctors believe triclosan, a antibacterial agent widely spectrum of action, used in toothpaste and soap. But, as the scientists explain, especially significantly reduces the quality of the sperm cocktail of multiple harmful substances.

How to explain the negative impact of chemical ingredients on the function of sperm, experts while find it difficult to say. Doctors believe that sperm cells take chemical substance of female sexual hormones type estrogen

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