In MC “Erebuni” is used a revolutionary method of treatment of an adenoma does not lead to impotence

In the medical center “Erebuni” for a year successfully applied new and revolutionary method for the treatment of benign hyperplasia (adenoma) of the prostate gland – vascular embolization of the adenoma. During this time, the treatment, free of charge, got 10 men of different ages and different severity of disease, from small adenoma to large in size hyperplasia, leading to urinary retention and catheterization.

As explained in conversation with journalists, the Director of MC “Erebuni” Mikael Manukyan, it was something like the pilot program in the medical center wanted to make sure that embolization in a case of adenoma as effective as in the case of uterine fibroids and liver tumors. He recalled that the last two operations already for several years successfully applied in the medical center, and showed a good result. Results embolization of the vessels of benign prostatic hyperplasia were encouraging, and the hospital now I can safely introduce it into wide practice. The cost of this procedure is twice more expensive than the cost of traditional treatment methods, but it’s worth it. It is certainly more expensive than buying drugs like cialis, viagra on sites such as htt:// where you can not spend a lot of money to buy drugs, which will delight you time and time again. But do not forget that it is still a one-time effect.
The main advantages of embolization compared to traditional surgical methods of removal of adenoma of the prostate (transurethral resection, endoscopic resection, open surgery) is that it is absolutely non traumatic, is done without anesthesia, the patient gets up after a couple of hours after surgery and discharged the next day. Urinating function is normalized within a few days. But, most importantly, such intervention does not lead to problems of a sexual nature, in impotence, however, with traditional methods of treatment, this risk is quite large.

As explained by interventional cardiologist MC “Erebouni” Arsene Tsaturyan, who has studied this method in Portugal, embolization is a technique in which clogged blood vessels feeding the tumor, in this case, the adenoma. The vessel on the hip of the patient catheter, which is applied to the vessels of the pelvis, through a catheter introduced very thin instruments. With the help of CT angiography with use of contrast defines all of the small vessels feeding the tumor, they injected a special formula with microgranules, which covers the vessels. The operation can last from 40 minutes to 2 hours – until then, until you have sealed all the small vessels feeding the adenoma. As figuratively noted by Arsene Tsaturyan, if present, the tumor is a grape, after this procedure, she shrinks and becomes a raisin. Its size is reduced so that it no longer cause any trouble to the patient.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a very common male disease, it is found in more than 50% of men over the age of 50 years and leads to a significant reduction in their quality of life. The treatment of this disease is an urgent problem worldwide.

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