Danish scientists have shown that taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), over-the-counter, is associated with an increased risk of heart failure. The article was published in European Heart Journal — Cardiovascular pharmacotherapy is (EHJ—CVP). Continue reading “IBUPROFEN WAS FIRST ASSOCIATED WITH RISK OF HEART FAILURE”

5 myths about dehydration

According to scientists, for optimum performance, the body should consist of water a minimum of 60%. Dehydration (dehydration) is a common disorder, especially among susceptible populations. Its symptoms include headache, fatigue, loss of coordination and confusion. Dehydration can lead to severe disorders of the kidneys and heart. Continue reading “5 myths about dehydration”

Treatment of prostatitis the prevention of cancer

Modern people don’t walk – they go to work with her in cars and in offices spend 8-9 hours sitting at computers. As reported 24ifarmacia.com what lifestyle is especially dangerous for men as it adversely affects their “second heart”.

Sedentary lifestyle threatens the men, not only obesity, diabetes and myocardial infarction, but also other no less dangerous disease.
It is believed that prostatitis, prostate inflammation, is dangerous because the transition to the chronic form can lead to infertility and impotence. Continue reading “Treatment of prostatitis the prevention of cancer”

Scientists have identified a natural substance affects inflammation of the joints

Scientists have identified a natural substance affecting inflammation customerentity arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease, mainly affecting joints and causing disability and worsening of quality of life of many patients. Effective treatment methods of this pathology are not well developed, and available drugs often have side effects. Interestingly, 50-75% of women with rheumatoid arthritis note the natural improvement of the condition of the joints during pregnancy. Continue reading “Scientists have identified a natural substance affects inflammation of the joints”

At what joint disease, it is useful to eat fish

At what joint disease is useful to use ribhouse received a lot of scientific data on the benefits of regular consumption of fish. Persons with chronic inflammation of the joints makes sense to pay attention to this product, say the authors of a new study. In their opinion, a good idea to eat fish at least 2 times a week, and each additional weekly serving will only be a plus for healthy joints. Continue reading “At what joint disease, it is useful to eat fish”

Interesting facts about medicine of Ancient Rome (Part II)

Interesting fact №5. As the enemy of the Greek lifestyle in General, and Greek medicine, in particular, Roman politician and writer Cato (Cato) refused medical therapy, while partially recognizing the therapeutic effect of some medicinal herbs. Such views, to the support of a considerable number of the Romans, hindered the development of medicine.
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Interesting facts about medicine of Ancient Rome (Part I)

Interesting fact # 1. Medical standards of Ancient Rome are mentioned in the law, the writings of Aulus Cornelius Celsus “on the appointment of human body parts” philosopher Titus Lucretius Kara (Titus Lucretius Carus) “on the nature of things”.
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Interesting facts about the disease (Part II)

Plague is the most contagious disease in the world. A well-known fact: in the years 1346-1353 25% of Europe’s population and 75 million people worldwide died of pneumonic (bubonic) form of the plague. In this pandemic, dubbed “Black death” that killed 75% of people infected with this disease. Medicine in those days was powerless.
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Interesting facts about the diseases (Part I)

Interesting medical fact about the disease: throughout their lives, people get sick on average about 5000 times. In this statistics as a complex disease, and lung ailments. Every person turns for help to the doctor three times a year. There are interesting disease in which a person cannot fall asleep or, on the contrary, suddenly goes to sleep. There are diseases whose origin and methods of treatment, modern medicine virtually nothing is known. We have collected for you the most interesting medical facts about diseases and disease States.
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Medical facts about anesthesia

Listing interesting medical facts, it is impossible to ignore the anesthesia, which today successfully carried out complex surgery.
Physician Paracelsus Basis of anesthesia when performing difficult surgical operations is the air. The ether was established by a physician and alchemist Paracelsus in 1525. Before the discovery of ether as anesthesia medicine used a wooden hammer with which the operated patient was beaten on the head, resulting in unconsciousness or given to drink significant amount of alcohol.
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