Interesting facts about medicine of Ancient Rome (Part I)

Interesting fact # 1. Medical standards of Ancient Rome are mentioned in the law, the writings of Aulus Cornelius Celsus “on the appointment of human body parts” philosopher Titus Lucretius Kara (Titus Lucretius Carus) “on the nature of things”.

Interesting fact # 2. Medicine in the Imperial period (VIII to VI century BC) Ancient Rome is the activity of the haruspices (Etruscan groups “guts”), priests, combining the power of medicinal herbs with magical methods. Haruspicy enjoyed great respect in society: rulers treated their advice to listen to the senators.

Interesting fact # 3. Until the III century ad, Rome had not existed, health professionals, therapy was limited to the pronunciation of prayers and taking drugs, the predecessors of the modern biologically active additives (BAA) is made from natural ingredients.

Roman physicians had made considerable advances in dentistry. In the middle of the XIX century was discovered during excavations of dentures, made from gold bridge with artificial teeth made of bone calf.

Interesting fact №4. In the early Republican period in Ancient Rome is characterized by the formation health issues at the state level. Developed sanitary legislation, develops the theoretical part of medicine, made the materialistic basis of science.

In 451-450 years in Ancient Rome were created by “the laws of the XII tables”. Table x ordered, in particular, not to bury or burn the dead in the city.

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