Interesting facts about the disease (Part II)

Plague is the most contagious disease in the world. A well-known fact: in the years 1346-1353 25% of Europe’s population and 75 million people worldwide died of pneumonic (bubonic) form of the plague. In this pandemic, dubbed “Black death” that killed 75% of people infected with this disease. Medicine in those days was powerless.

Among most people there is a misconception that the Appendix (vermiform Appendix, an appendage of the cecum) is a repository of the filth of the body, when the overflow occurs the necessity of removing the surgical intervention. In fact, the Appendix performs is very important for human life function as a kind of “farm”, which multiply the beneficial micro-organisms. Removal of the Appendix due to the presence of a small bird and fish bones, grape and watermelon seeds, husks of sunflower seeds are produced only rarely. If necessary, appendicitis is diagnosed rather simple way – by pressing the abdomen under the name of “Point McBurney”.
There is an unusual, interesting and very rare mental disease called “delusions negative double”. People with this disease believe that a man of his entourage was replaced by an imposter double.
Specialist children’s hospital Boston (mA, USA) was developed and launched in the Internet virtual card “health Card”, which reflects all dysfunctional, from the point of view of medicine, in the world. The map recorded the facts of outbreaks of infectious diseases. App, using algorithms of major global search engines such as Google, scan websites with medical news and subjects and maps of the Earth to the point where outbreaks of infectious diseases.
Another interesting fact associated with Google: in the development of search algorithms for huge data sets, the creators of the search giant’s methods were used for structure prediction of proteins used in Microbiology.
The most common on Earth pathology is caries. Interestingly, the signs of decay were found by the people who lived 5000 years ago.
Interestingly, in conditions of weightlessness caries develops faster than on Earth. This interesting fact is due to the medicine in the following way: in conditions of weightlessness saliva is distributed in the oral cavity worse, not good enough to wash away microorganisms from teeth.

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