Interesting facts about the diseases (Part I)

Interesting medical fact about the disease: throughout their lives, people get sick on average about 5000 times. In this statistics as a complex disease, and lung ailments. Every person turns for help to the doctor three times a year. There are interesting disease in which a person cannot fall asleep or, on the contrary, suddenly goes to sleep. There are diseases whose origin and methods of treatment, modern medicine virtually nothing is known. We have collected for you the most interesting medical facts about diseases and disease States.

From Kay underwood (Key Underwood) a rare combination of diseases of cataplexy and narcolepsy. Any emotional experience, even minor, leads her to faint. The woman was the day she fainted 40 times, in addition, it is able to fall asleep at any time of the day.

The Australian Ashleigh Morris (Ashley Morris) a rare skin disease Aquagenic Urticaria (an unusual kind of hives) allergic to water (in contact with the skin). Even your own sweat makes girls painful rash on the skin. To date, the causes of the disease the medicine is not established, drugs it does not exist.

Canadian Natalie Cooper (Natalia Cooper) is suffering from a interesting disease, in which there is vomiting when eating. The stomach of a woman is actually not able to digest food, nutrition is performed by means of a special catheter through which serves prepared nutrient mixture.

Another interesting historical fact about the disease. In 1944, at the age of 72 years, wife of Mahatma Gandhi Kasturba, moving several heart attacks, became ill with bronchial pneumonia. One of the sons of Kasturba offered to treat the disease with modern means – the antibiotic penicillin. But Mahatma Gandhi refused, allowing the use of methods solely traditional Indian medicine consisted in wiping water from the river Ganges. A few days later the woman died. Six weeks later Gandhi himself fell ill with malaria. After four weeks of unsuccessful conventional treatment agreed to take quinine and recovered.

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