Specialists of the Medical center “Rambam” and the Israeli Institute of technology have developed and successfully tested electrostimulating patches migraine. The device is placed on the hand and is easily hidden under clothing. Details of the scientific work described in the journal Neurology.

A device called Nerivio Migra consists of a computer chip, battery and rubber electrodes which the patient fixes on the shoulder. Through a mobile application, the user can adjust the level of electrical stimulation necessary to alleviate their headaches.

The scientists tested their development on 71 patient aged 22-72 years with migraines that are repeated two to eight times per month. Two months before the start of the study, subjects were asked not to take preventive drugs. Participants were then divided into groups, each of which received 50, 100, 150, 200 microseconds of electrical stimulation at a frequency of four Hertz, or a placebo. Under the terms of the experiment, the volunteers used the device for 20 minutes after the attack, and then for two hours did not take medication.

The results showed that the stimulation intensity 200 microseconds reduced the symptoms of migraine in 64% of the subjects, and removed them completely in 30%. Stimulation 150 microseconds also showed excellent therapeutic effect. In placebo group, pain decreased by a slight 2% only in 6% of subjects.

Scientists say that the effect of the device corresponds to the operation of modern painkillers, while not causing harm to the health of patients. In addition, unlike the hearth, the Pacer, Nerivio Migra can be easily used in any place.

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