Kinds of tablets from hemorrhoids

Types tablets hemorrhoids

Pain relief tablets hemorrhoids. In the period of exacerbation or onset of the disease to eliminate the pain pills prescribed non-narcotic analgesics. A more pronounced effect of NSAIDs — nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However, they thin the blood, reduce blood coagulation, so their use should be cautious due to the risk of hemorrhoidal bleeding.

In addition, the prolonged use of NSAIDs is dangerous ulceration of the stomach and duodenum, which also limits the use of these drugs. Venotonic drugs. The basis of systemic treatment of meds from hemorrhoids — phlebotrophic drugs, the so-called venotonic with the ability to increase venous return. They increase venous tone, improve micro-circulation in cavernous formations, optimize blood circulation. In some cases these drugs are used alone – as monotherapy, in others – combined with the means of local action. During the chronic disease — prevention of exacerbations. Laxatives. In the complex treatment can be applied pills that optimize motor function of the intestine to prevent relapse of the disease. These pills will help to get rid of constipation, a fundamental factor in provoking the development of sensitive issues. The majority of patients with hemorrhoids, have problems with bowel movements. The consistency of the intestinal contents, its transit directly affect the outcome of the treatment of any form of hemorrhoids. More information on laxatives products You can read the article on our website “Laxatives” because they are not only tablets and oral forms. Hemostatic pills from hemorrhoids should take only on doctor’s advice after a thorough examination. Bleeding in any of its manifestation is an acute condition that requires rapid diagnosis and directed treatment often includes not only conventional methods, but surgical intervention. Surgeon, or proctologist, during the inspection must determine the source of the bleeding (the reason can be not even hemorrhoids), to exclude contraindications to these drugs and then to select an individual therapy. With the appearance of moderate or heavy bleeding from the rectum should immediately contact a doctor!

The pros and cons of tablet forms of drugs from hemorrhoids

Tablets have certain advantages. They are easy to use and simplifies the treatment of hemorrhoids in the elderly and the lonely. The combined use of tablets in different forms of the disease gives a positive and lasting effect. But under one condition: compliance with prevention measures. Hemorrhoid treatment tablets is effective only when the corresponding way of life – the normalization of the power and correction of the diet to prevent constipation, limiting prolonged static loads! Orally (orally) supplementation leads to a systemic effect, meaning the effect on the entire body and not locally. In some cases this is a plus (for example, when the reception of venotonic we do not only prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids and varicose veins of the lower extremities). And in others negative (pain medications because of their systemic effects with prolonged use lead to ulceration, increase the risk of bleeding, change of peripheral blood, etc.)

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