Lack of sleep leads to impotence

Lack of sleep is a scourge of modern society. Rare modern man can boast of healthy sleep. Lack of sleep – a common phenomenon in our life. Doctors have long warned about the negative consequences of this attitude to the regime of the day. Deterioration of potency, which can be treated kamagra, lethargy and apathy, irritability, reduced immunity are some of the consequences of lack of sleep.

Recently it was found that lack of sleep affects the state of men’s health. It affects the mental state and ability to have an erection. Man, not having enough time for proper sleep, you may fall into a state of so-called sexual sleepwalking. Manifestations of this pathology are: people have sex in a dream. In the morning hours, they are unable to recall the events of last night. Sexy sleepwalking is accompanied by increased aggression. People suffering from pathology, subconsciously seek to inflict pain to others.

If the sleep debt continues over a long period of time (e.g. for several years), the result could be complete impotence. A man loses the ability to full sexual life.

Doctors and therapists recommend to take seriously this problem and to sleep at least a few times a week.

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