French pharmaceutical company Sanofi and Swiss Lonza will invest 270 million euros ($285 million) in the construction of a plant for the production of monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of cardiovascular, immunological and infectious, neurological and oncological diseases. The construction of the plant in Switzerland is scheduled to begin in 2017 and be completed by 2020.

Each pharmaceutical company will invest 50% of the required for the construction of the plant facilities.

“About 60% of our products is based on cellular technologies, including monoclonal antibodies used in therapy of cardiovascular diseases, immunology, neurology and Oncology. Lonza has extensive experience in this area, and as a result of joint investments, we will be able to meet the needs of patients in these types of treatments,” commented Philippe Luscan the transaction, the Executive Vice-President Sanofi on industry and production.

Lonza, which previously launched a similar production in the United States and Singapore, will undertake the construction and management of infrastructure of the plant, which will create 200 jobs. Both companies expect that the partnership will provide them with growth and expanding portfolio of biological products.

Sanofi – the French pharmaceutical company founded in 1973. Sanofi specializiruetsya in the production of vaccines and veterinary drugs. The company’s products in one hundred countries around the world. The number of employees is more than 110 thousand people. The staff of the Russian division has more than 2 thousand people. Sales of Sanofi in 2016 amounted to 33.8 billion euros, net profit – 4.7 billion euros.

Lonza Group is a Swiss biopharmaceutical company founded in 1897. The company represents a huge range of services ranging from active pharmaceutical ingredients of sanitary products, cosmetics, products for agriculture to the production of solutions to combat viruses, bacteria and other dangerous pathogens. The company has more than forty production sites around the world. At the end of 2016, the company’s staff amounted to more than 10 thousand employees. The sales of the company in 2016 has grown to $4.1 billion Swiss francs (about $4.05 billion). In December 2016 Lonza signed a deal with the American investment company KKR & Co LP about the purchase which she had owned Capsugel (manufacturer of drug delivery system). The amount of the transaction amounted to more than $5.5 billion.

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