You’ve probably heard many times about the dangers of listening to music at high volume. It is dangerous due to the fact that the hair cells responsible for processing sounds, die from excessive load and won’t regenerate. Hair cells detect sound waves and convert them into nerve signals.

All such cells from 12 to 19 thousand, but it is not so much. Along with the loud sounds, the hair cells are also destroyed by certain medications or simply die with age. However, now scientists from mit have found a way to restore hair cells.

Using previous research on cell regeneration of the gut as a foothold, they grew the stem cells of mice, which can be converted into other types of cells. Then the researchers added special drugs to stem cells differentiated into hair. A method developed at mit, are happier than previously developed techniques for transformation of stem cells, scientists have managed to grow 60 times more hair cells than their colleagues informed.

The researchers believe that the treatment of hearing loss can be as simple as an injection. To this end, they formed a separate company to commercialize the technology and hope to begin clinical trials within 18 months.

“Hearing loss is a real problem for many people,” says mit Professor Robert Langer, one of the leaders of the study: “We have created a completely new and very effective method of solving this problem.”

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