Researchers from the University of Texas (The University of Texas) have developed a vaccine against salmonellosis, designed for reception through the mouth. Earlier the same group of scientists had already proposed options for vaccines administered by injection and protects against three species of Salmonella, however, the oral route of administration easier and is less invasive. In addition, this way the bacteria usually enter the body.

Experts led by Professor of Microbiology and immunology Ashok Chopras (Ashok Chopra) has already tested the new drug on mice. First, animals were given a vaccine and then a lethal dose of bacteria. The experiment showed that participating individuals have developed a strong immunity to these bacteria, which means that in the future it will be possible to produce a vaccine suitable for humans.

Now Immunopreparat, which could protect the person from infection with salmonellosis, does not exist. The disease is generally treated with antibiotics, however some Salmonella strains rapidly develop resistance to drugs. Salmonella can be used as a bioweapon — this is what happened in Oregon, where one of the religious cults had infected salad bars in restaurants, which led to the development of the disease in thousands of people.

In the United States each year about 15 thousand people are hospitalized with salmonellosis, about 400 of them die. It is believed that for each diagnosed case of salmonellosis accounted for 39 undiagnosed.

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